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Easy mobile solutions for you needs Jakobie brings you cutting edge, easy-to-use, cost-effective mobile apps (websites) to your business fingertips. Over 75%of the world's population are mobile subscribers - connect with your consumers the way they want to connect. The fastest & easiest way for business to create mobile apps (websites). Our easy mobile solutions keep you in front of your competition and will increase the traffic to your business right before your eyes.

How it Works

  • Want your business to grow? You need to go Mobile.
  • Jakobie allows you to simultaneously create, edit and manage native iPhone, iPad, Android and mobile web apps online without any programming knowledge.
  • Easy to use CMS allows for effortless design, customization and functionality across a broad range of mobile platforms.
  • With Jakobie you get powerful CMS, secure hosting, beautiful applications and helpful training.
  • Our mobile app (website) solutions are extremely affordable - starting at $84.99 - our prices can't be beat.
  • Our user panel enables instant app updates!
  • You can keep your customers informed with push notifications messages directly to their mobile devices
  • Integrated social networking tools allows you to create a viral buzz and connect with your customers.
  • Jakobie business apps are created to increase customer awareness, brand loyalty, increase traffic and to drive sales.
  • With GPS technology you can give customers GPS directions from anywhere directly to your business.
  • Jakobie provides customer support.
  • Consumers are more likely to make a purchase if you have a mobile Apps.

41% of smart-phone owners have made a purchase from their mobile phone. By 2016, it is predicted that mobile shopping will account for $163 billion in sales worldwide 12% global e-commerce turnover. Consumers are 51% more likely to purchase from retailers that have mobile specific websites. 79% of smart-phone users found it useful to download mobile coupons to their phones. Android and iPhone own 80% of the US smart-phone market.


  • Flexible counter tab - used to input any items (i.e. sports team- updates stats and can email to anyone.
  • Full integration of facebook, twitter, and e-mail and any RSS feed
  • Push notification for direct messaging from the business to all clients that are using the application
  • Check-in coupon system for promoting the business similar to FourSquare.
  • Information tabs for displaying menu's, items, pics, etc.
  • Events calendar for any specials or events.
  • Direct calling, or e-mail
  • Mailing list tab, prompts to join newsletter
  • Mortgage calculator tab
  • Restaurant reservation tab, for making reservations
  • Tip calculator tab - self explanatory
  • Website tab, used to input any website (not flash iphone)
  • Info tab, (1,2,3 tier) multiple tiered information for menu’s, company employees, etc.
  • Forms for anything from a lead generator for an attorney to a DJ song request form for a club.
  • Menu tab used for restaurants, can input prices, good for single item input.
  • E-mail Photo tab that can be used for many different industries, (evidence cam, realty cam, auto damage cam, etc).
  • Analytics to track how many people are downloading the application every month
  • Capable of displaying video and audio files.
  • Shopping cart feature.


Wednesday, February 20, 2019


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